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Recent Projects

I recently completed a web site for a client. You can see it here: It’s a fairly basic site with just static web pages. The site is already ranked highly in the big three (Google, Yahoo and MSN) for “fashion consultant kent”. I’m also near completing a complete redesign of Hope to launch […]

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New Year, New Creations

Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated the site.  Very remiss of me.  I’ve got some new sites to tell you about.  Firstly a little creation by me.  It’s a directory site called Search Engine Optimisation UK.  Basically it’s a directory of UK based seo companies and consultants, although there are very few […]

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SO’s Revamp

I’ve been researching CMS’s (content management systems) some more as I think SO ( should really have one.  I’ve always liked Joomla, but had to check to see if anything new was around.  Had a look at Drupal, but thought the number of templates was limited.  Read that Drupal is quite difficult to skin as […]

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