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How to get listed higher on Google

So this post is created specifically for a friend of mine who has a local business and wants to get her web site listed higher up on Google, get more traffic and ultimately more customers. This won’t be particularly in-depth but instead will be step by step instructions on the principles involved. Step 1 – […]

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What is SEO?

I thought I’d create a short three minute video explaining what seo actually is, why it is so important and the main seo considerations when building a web site. Hi I’m Haydon Rouse and I have a warning! If you are a business owner and you have a website, your site might not be optimised […]

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How to Make Google Love your Site

Before the Internet life was so much easier with good old-fashioned phone books. Do you remember having to lookup company telephone numbers by flicking through a big yellow telephone directory? (yes, ok I’m showing my age!) Back in those days businesses were listed in alphabetical order so Aadvark A1 Services was always going to be […]

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