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PiCoin is a new cryptocurrency that is in an early release/testing phase.  You are able to earn Pi Coins by mining them on your mobile phone.  Mining cryptocurrencies normally requires a powerful desktop computer and lots of electricity, however the clever people at the Pi Network have made it so people can mine the currency via a cell phone “without draining their phone battery”.

PiCoin Referral Code

You must have an invitation code in order to sign up and start mining – Use PiCoin referral code: saxon999

How do you mine Pi Coin?

To start mining Pi Coin you must download the mobile phone app – either Android or IOS.

What is the Pi Network?

PiCoin appPi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs with over 23 million members worldwide.

Pi Network is an early-stage mobile cryptocurrency project that validates that a user behind a mobile device is actually a human being and not a computer/bot.  In a digital world, full of fake news and bots, Pi Network is hoping to combat spam with a decentralized digital cryptocurrency to validate user authenticity on the Internet. This helps to ensure the person you are interacting with is real. It validates the person is an actual human being within the community for accountability.

The only way to obtain Pi crypto is through downloading the app through the iOS or Android Play Store and mining with your mobile phone. The only rule is that to start mining Pi crypto, you must be invited so currently partaking in mining for Pi crypto is on a referral/invite basis only.  For the best mining bonus for the Pi Network use referral code, saxon999.

How much is a PiCoin worth?


Whilst the PiCoin is still in it’s infancy and being tested it isn’t being publically traded on an exchange. It therefore holds no real value. To check the price of PiCoin, please visit the CoinMarketCap website.

Pi Network invite Code

My Opinion

PiCoin is a cryptocurrency with an actual use unlike some other crypto. It’s free (other than exchanging some personal info). It’s very early days.  Is it worth a punt for a bit of time? Yes.

Claim 1 pi Free

Claim your free Pi – use invitation code: saxon999




Please note / disclaimer: This is not financial advice. I’m not a financial adviser.  I’m just a person who finds cryptocurrency tech very interesting and try to be ahead of the curve when it comes to new things.  The value of cryptocurrencies is very volatile and can go up and down.

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