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Difference between Premium & Featured on Rightmove

What is the difference between a Premium and a Featured listing on Rightmove?

Rightmove is currently the most visited property portal in the UK. If you're selling your property you should ensure it is listed on Rightmove to get it in front of as many people as possible.  However, Rightmove don't allow just anyone to register and add a property - you have to do it via one of their approved estate agents. See my post on How to get your Property listed on Rightmove.

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When advertising your property on Rightmove your estate agent can make it stand it out by opting to have it as a "Featured" or a "Premium" listing.  Rightmove charge an additional fee if you want your property to stand out and have more chance of it being viewed. Depending on the contract with your estate agent you may have to pay more as well.

At 99home we like to be upfront and clear about our charges.  You can view the additional fees for featured or premium listings here. For our "No Sale, No Fee" package (from £799 incl. VAT) the additional charges are:

  • Premium display on Rightmove + Zoopla (£100)
  • Rightmove featured listing (£240 per month)

What do you get?

It isn't immediately obvious what the differences are between the Rightmove listing options so I've listed the main differences here:

Premium Listing:

In the Premium listing, the property stands out from the property list as it is highlighted in a purple colour on the Zoopla portal and green on Rightmove. The main photo is larger plus 3 thumbnail photos. 

Featured Listing:

With the help of a Featured listing, the property is one of the first to be seen in any search matching its criteria. The property appears at the top and is highlighted with a blue colour (top and bottom) and flagged as "FEATURED PROPERTY". The primary photo is larger and has 2 larger secondary photos.

Here is a screen shot showing the main differences between a Featured Listing (top), a Premium Listing (middle) and a normal listing (bottom) on Rightmove:

Rightmove Featured & Premium Listing

The normal listing on Rightmove shows two photos on a grey background.

Advertise your property on Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation for just £99 !
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Note: Correct as at 23 Oct 2019

Rightmove will probably update their website and change how the different listings are shown, so be sure to check their website for the latest.

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