Herne Bay Schools

Use the AdmissonsDay tool below to find out about the schools in and around Herne Bay.

It also provides details on catchment areas, competition etc, but you will need to sign up to their service to gain access.

Just click on the school place markers to show information. The colours indicate the school's Ofsted rating. Use the  "Show" filters at the top to switch between Primary and Secondary schools etc.


As a local estate agent in Herne Bay I hope you will find this information useful. The AdmissionsDay.co.uk website aims to help parents and house buyers understand how likely their children are to get into a particular school by visualising data on catchment areas and competition for places.

Use the map above to find out the OFSTED ratings of the schools in Herne Bay.

Moving to Herne Bay?

If you haven't seen it already, be sure to check out the rest of my Guide to Herne Bay.

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