SO’s Revamp

I’ve been researching CMS’s (content management systems) some more as I think SO ( should really have one.  I’ve always liked Joomla, but had to check to see if anything new was around.  Had a look at Drupal, but thought the number of templates was limited.  Read that Drupal is quite difficult to skin as well, so that has put me off.  Also it just didn’t seem to have the addons.  I’ve seen and heard that some blogs can be pushed to be a CMS, but again there aren’t the addons.  So I’ve more or less decided that it’s going to be Joomla.
There is meant to be a new version of Joomla coming out which is quite a step up and there is talk that updating to the new version might be difficult.  I’m therefore holding fire for a bit till the new version comes out.
Then I’ve got the task of trying to integrate Joomla with VBulletin (the forums) so that there is only one log in for users.  Read about some hacks that enable you to do it but they look scary.  I’ve come across a site that offers an integration service and it’s not too expensive (something like $40) so I’ll probably go for that.
Got bored the other day and started playing around with a new logo for SO….
Survivor online new logo
Haydon Rouse

Haydon is a Local Property Expert for 99home. He is an expert at marketing and selling online. He genuinely wants to help you and provide exceptional service. Why? Because, when he achieves that, you will tell your friends about him. Haydon has been marketing and selling online for over 20 years. He has lived in East Kent all his life (cough... over 45 years.. cough), knows the local area like the back of his hand and has fantastic customer service skills. You can contact him here.

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