Mobile websites

Web sites are generally designed with a desktop PC in mind, and whilst they can be read on a mobile device, the mistake is to believe that it is therefore mobile-friendly.

More and more people are using their mobile phone to access web sites.  Sales of tablet devices like the iPad and the Kindle Fire have sky rocketed.  All these devices can, and are increasingly being used to surf the web. Can people view your web site properly using their mobile phone or tablet?

What makes a site mobile-friendly?

  • Speed.  Mobile users are often in a hurry, on the go and out and about.  Sites need to load fast… very fast!
  • Simple navigation.  Clear navigation to move from page to page and with minimal scrolling.
  • Big hand friendly.  People with large hands need to be able to use your site.
  • Visibility.  Easy to read on small screens.
  • Accessible. Must work across all mobile and tablet devices.
  • Local. People want local services and information on their phone.  Being mobile, they want it near to location.  Maps and GPS help with this.
  • Redirects.  The site should recognise when a visitor is using a mobile or tablet device and automatically direct them to the mobile-friendly version.

The future of the internet is mobile.  Many online retailers have still not moved their website on to the mobile platform, and sales via mobile devices are growing at more than 300% year on year.  A mobile site can help business owners to differentiate themselves.

With so many different mobile devices available, each one one running different applications there are bound to be problems in how web sites are displayed on mobile devices.  To correct this problem and to ensure the user experience is the best it can be, a site optimised for mobile is vital.

We create mobile-friendly web sites.  Call us today on 01227 360922.

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