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Every now and then people ask me about programs that are claimed to increase their web site rankings in the search engines. A friend sent me an email today telling me about a new bit of software by Brad Callen, an internet marketer, called “Directory Submitter“. It’s designed to make the process of getting links to your site easier and quicker. Remember, in general, the more links to your web site the better. Reciprocal links (sites that link to each other) are good, but one-way links are better. In general, the search engines will rank your site higher if you have a higher number and more relevant links than your competitor.

The internet is full of directories that list web sites in categories (think Yellow Pages). Some of these directories require you to pay to get listed whilst some are free. The Directory Submitter software enables you to submit to some 1800 free directories getting you those all important links.

What makes the submitter software useful is it takes you directly to the submission page of each directory. That will save you a load of time. The other main benefit is that it fills in a lot of the submission form for you. Again, saving lots of time.

When using the Directory Submitter you must make sure you select the right category relevant to the subject of your web site. If you don’t, you’ll annoy the hell out of the owner of the directory and he/she will just delete your application.

The marketing blurb for the software says that you can “Instantly get quality, 1 way links, in as little as 1 mouse click!” I don’t think it’s quite as easy as it sounds.
You still have to find the right category and I often find directories don’t make it easy to find the right one for your particular subject/product (if there is a relevant category at all). You still have to squint, work out the anti spam captcha codes and enter them in.

When submitting you should also vary the title and description you use. The software allows you to enter in more than one, but it’s a little fiddly switching them over.

In theory you could do everything that this program does yourself. You could do it manually by trawling your way around all the directories or you could try and automate the process. Here’s how…

There are several sites and online tools that list directories you can submit to.

You could then set up an auto form filler piece of software (http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Best/auto_fill-form.html) to auto fill in the submission forms yourself.

Doing it that way might not be as slick, but it’s still an option. Overall though, the Directory Submitter software will save you load of time. There is a free version allowing you to submit to 200 directories. Upgrading costs $47 which allows you to submit to over 1,800. $47 – what’s that? Like £24. Well worth the time saved.  Download your free copy


New Directory Submiter

directory-submitter-1-clickThere is a new directory submitter on the block – check it our here. This one has a 1 click submission process! The beta users are calling this “Revolutionary” in terms of automation, simplicity, speed, and quality of links.

You literally need to enter your name, email, URL, keywords and 300+ HQ links will be built by DirectorySubmiter instantly.

No Captchas, No Waiting – Get confirmation emails almost instantly!

Sign up today and submit UNLIMITED websites, videos, articles, and any web page you own.


Haydon Rouse

Haydon is a business consultant / mentor and an expert at marketing and selling online. He genuinely wants to help you and provide exceptional service. Why? Because, when he achieves that, you will tell your friends about him. Haydon has been marketing and selling online for over 20 years. He has lived in East Kent all his life (cough... over 49 years.. cough), knows the local area like the back of his hand and has fantastic customer service skills. You can contact him here.

Directory Submitter Review - 16 May, 2007

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marco - 19 June, 2008

I’m also considering using a specialized copywriting softwared called Glyphius. Has anyone had any experience with this? It is supposed to use statistical analysis to optimize the wording of your advertising copy. I’d be interested in hearing any feedback, good or bad. Thanks

Ava - 19 May, 2009

Its a good idea to have a great sales copy before you use a software like this to get into so many directories, Glyphius would definitely help on that side of things.

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