Facebook Page Design

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I design custom Facebook pages for businesses and individuals. Please take a look at the following screenshots of custom Facebook pages to get an idea of the sort of designs that I create…

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To view the examples on Facebook then go to:

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Create a Professional Image

It’s important that your business presents a professional looking and consistent image across all platforms and marketing messages.  Your brand is vital to your business.  You must ensure that your customers view your brand as professional.

A custom designed Facebook page will help create a consistent brand for your business.

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Reveal Hidden Content in Facebook Tab

I can also make “reveal” type pages that show one set of content to non fans (people who haven’t clicked like) and another set of content to fans.


Facebook Pages Explained to Boss

I’ve made this fun little video explaining why you need a custom Facebook page and how it can get you more customers…

Sarah tells her boss how to get more customers


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