Recent Projects

I recently completed a web site for a client. You can see it here: www.elizabethbonnici.co.uk It’s a fairly basic site with just static web pages. The site is already ranked highly in the big three (Google, Yahoo and MSN) for “fashion consultant kent”. I’m also near completing a complete redesign of www.hernebaycourt.co.uk. Hope to launch […]

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Update it! Update it! Update it!

Yes, that is what you should do if you have a web site. Do I do it? No, not as often as I should. The search engines love new, fresh, unique content so you should update your web site as much as possible. Unfortunately, it’s down to time though and www.haydonrouse.com isn’t a priority for […]

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SEO World Championships

I wrote back in January about my entry into the SEO World Championships. To remind you, it’s basically a competition to get a new web site to rank top on the major search engines for the phrase “globalwarming awareness2007“. I managed to get the site listed in Google within about 2 weeks of launch. Not […]

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How things have changed for Netscape

I remember the day when Netscape was one of THE internet companies. They had one of the most popular browsers on the market and their web site was one of the most popular search engine/directory in the world. This was all BG (Before Google). Remember the Browser War? This was basically a battle between Microsoft’s […]

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What is Linkbait?

If you have a web site you should think about creating linkbait! If you’re somehow involved with online marketing you’ve probably heard the term “linkbait” before. However, for many people who don’t “live online” they probably haven’t. So this post is for you if you haven’t heard of it before. The term linkbait is used […]

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New Year, New Creations

Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated the site.  Very remiss of me.  I’ve got some new sites to tell you about.  Firstly a little creation by me.  It’s a directory site called Search Engine Optimisation UK.  Basically it’s a directory of UK based seo companies and consultants, although there are very few […]

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