Phone rings….

I sigh and stop trying to manually install a classified adverts script on a clients server that just doesn’t want to play. Me: Hello Caller: *Silence* Me: Hello? (a little louder) Caller: *Silence*  (I’m guessing now it’s a sales call as these call centres always seem to have this silence) Me: *waiting for some damn […]

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Last year we had to get someone to get rid of some seagulls that were nesting on our roof, between the chimneys.  They had become really aggresive and would swoop down on people as they walked down the road.  They had attacked some workmen who repaired some loose tiles next door.  They’d also dive bombed […]

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Hello peeps!

Welcome to my personal blog.  Everyone else seems to have a blog these days, so here is mine!  Hope you enjoy reading my ramblings.  The plan is to blog all sorts here.  Stuff about my personal life, my businesses, making money online and probably the odd rant.

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