On the radio

Last Friday it was Friday the 13th. Unlucky for some – although for me I had a great day! Pat March a dj from Radio Kent needed a web designer to discuss web design (surprise, surprise) for his Friday ‘challenge’ slot. So who do the researchers turn to? Moi and Saxon Internet Solutions! (probably coz […]

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SEO Frustration

Businesses of Kent!  People of Kent!  In fact, where ever you are, I can get you listed high in the search engines.  “Yeah, yeah” I here you say.  “I’ve heard it all before” – you say.  Well the proof is in the pudding, so here is the pudding… Do a search on Google on the keyword “kia” […]

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What a fantastic football match

Yesterday evening I went to watch my beloved football team Whitstable Town play a league game against Deal Town.  Well, what an amazing game of football.  I got to the ground just after kick off to find Whitstable down a goal after just 5 mins!  A dodgy decision by the ref gave Deal Town a free […]

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Search Engine Optimisation

This is a subject I’m passionate about.  As most of you know I’m a web designer, but it’s not much use having a web site unless the site is ranked well in the search engines, particularly Google. So search engine optimisation is all about getting a web site appearing as high as possible when users […]

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Phone rings….

I sigh and stop trying to manually install a classified adverts script on a clients server that just doesn’t want to play. Me: Hello Caller: *Silence* Me: Hello? (a little louder) Caller: *Silence*  (I’m guessing now it’s a sales call as these call centres always seem to have this silence) Me: *waiting for some damn […]

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